Post 5 – Malanda

Sad news on the Platypus front – they were a no-show again tonight. The rather subdued crew repaired to Yungaburra’s Lake Eacham pub for a meal to commiserate with Jane who was understandably distraught.
The day (“Crater Day”) started so well with Ken collecting the Cane Beatles still on the veranda to bbq for breakfast (see photos) followed by a visit to the enormous Bromfields volcanic crater. It is about half a mile in diameter and is filled with a peat bog. We then moved on to a spectacular hole in the rain forest caused by an undrground gas explosion at Hypipamee. The path to the crater and back via the water falls reminded the writer of parts of the fondly remembered South West Coast Path in England. The afternoon was spent regaining our strength for the evening excitement with the Platypuses.

One response to “Post 5 – Malanda

  1. Image 8375 – are they looking at an outline of a face in the rocks?
    Image 8349 – presumably he is not barbecuing specimens in Image 8348!
    Looks a lot more tasty than that – we are quite hungry now!

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