Post 38 – Auckland 2

Today was a relaxed sort of day, warm (UK readers please note!) and partly sunny.More work was done on the wi-fi system in the morning and then we gad a nice little walk along the Mangemangeroa Estuary. Earlier we had a visit from a friend of Fiona’s called Morag, and her husband Paul, who are planning to move to East Dorset/Mid Dorset area of the UK, to get some advice.

More odd jobs followed after lunch and then we were off to Fiona’s sister’s house for dinner. Meredith and Geoff have a lovely big house on the outskirts of Auckland and Geoff is a keen Saloon Speedway racer, showing us videos of his latest spectacular crash. He also started up his car in the garage to remind the neighbours that he was still around!

We had a lovely meal and the normal group shot on the deck with Izzie their friendly dog in attendance.

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