Post 39 – Auckland 3

Today was a public holiday (Waitangi Day) and instead of going to Waitangi to throw eggs at the Prime Minister we went for a day out to the island of Tiritiri Matangi (Tiri for short). This is a smallish island which has been set aside for reforestation and removal of introduced predators (dogs, cats, rats, mice, ferrets, stoats, possums and unnecessary humans) so that flora and fauna can be returned to a pre-human state. The result is that trees now almost cover the island and threatened bird life thrives as it once did all over New Zealand.

Fiona’s neighbours Ray and Barbara were prime movers in the restoration of the Island, Ray having been the last lighthouse keeper on the island. The substantially volunteer nature of the restoration has become a model for other projects of this nature.

Back home a little sunburned (!) we went for a very good spicy ‘Fusion’ Chinese meal, and so to bed.

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