Post 41 – Back Home Again (The Last Post!)

09:00 Auckland time on Wednesday 8 February 2012 :-

We left Fiona’s house in Auckland on a warm sunny morning and followed her to the airport for our flight home via Melbourne. The flight to Melbourne was uneventful and after a couple of hours there we boarded an Airbus A380B for the flight to London Heathrow. It was the first time for us to fly on this enormous aircraft and it’s smoothness and quietness were surprising, taking jet travel to a new level.

Following a 1 hour stop at Singapore we finally landed a shade early at 05:10 on Thursday 9th February at a freezing cold Heathrow. To say the words sub-zero is easy (unless you have just drunk a bottle of wine perhaps – no, I hadn’t!) but we were quite unprepared mentally or ‘wardrobely’ for the ferocity of the plunge in temperature. Our friendly taxi driver from Airport Cars (they have yet to be anything but totally efficient and charming) got us home almost 36 hours to the minute after our departure from Fiona’s house.

The window was broken in the computer room, seen immediately we entered the house but as there was no sign of entry or burglary we came to the conclusion having consulted neighbours that a deer had been tucking into our plants adjacent to the window in question and had somehow managed to break the glass with it’s antlers, perhaps having been startled by the reflection in the glass (must stop cleaning the windows). We saw Sally and Jim after lunch and reclaimed a fit and shiny looking Lucy the dog and there it is – all over.

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