Post 4 – Malanda

We moved up to the Atherton Tablelands today along the Gillies Highway, a spectacular winding road with about 200 bends over about 20Kms with a 800 metre height gain – spectacular views and scary edges!

Ken and Jane are as usual wonderful hosts and are spoiling us rotten. Jane, having seen Platypuses at a particular place on the previous two evenings, took us  along with high expectations to try again but with no success – we decided that they were having a day off due to the New Year public holiday, so we will try again tomorrow night. They took us to see two Cathedral Fig trees in the rain forest near them .

One response to “Post 4 – Malanda

  1. We like the red bus – half double-decker, half not! Reminds us a bit of the
    Sydney double-decker trains.
    The view behind Mike looks long – and warm, unlike the gales we have been

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