Post 24 – Auckland

Fiona decided that we needed some retail therapy country style, so we went to a local farmers’ market at Clevedon in the steady rain. It was very busy despite the rain and Chloe (Fiona’s neighbour’s dog who is lodging with Fiona) was the first to sample the wares being given a farm made healthy dog biscuit. She seemed a little reluctant to eat it until a passing poodle offered to help out; suddenly Chloe’s appetite returned with a vengeance! Later, after a coffee, we went for a drive and a short walk at Kawakawa Bay before lunch at a restaurant at Whitford.

The weather was improving fast by now and in warm humid conditions we took a 4km walk alongside the estuary before heading for home via the beach at Cockle Bay, just down the road  from home, and a BBQ where yours truly singed the steaks as usual.

The star of the show is, however, Fiona’s other lodger, Harri(et) the baby hedgehog.

One response to “Post 24 – Auckland

  1. Glad to see the Accent Specialist has rectified his mistakes – don’t buy Poo bags on your travels as I found some for you on a special deal. Hope your first day was sucessful – wasn’t the weather magic??

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