Post 33 – Whitianga

Weather – Fine
Cloud – around 2 Oktas
Wind – calm
Sea state – calm
Temperature – 20 degrees

These were the conditions on our departure from a very restful and quiet night at Thames for the drive north up the Pacific Highway. Forget dual carriageways, we are talking a winding narrow road hugging the rocky coastline more like a deserted Amalfi Drive in Italy. Round every bend there was a stunning view along the coast with steep cliff-like hillsides to the right (inland) and beautiful deserted coves to the left.

Arriving in Coromandel we headed to the Driving Creek Railway and Potteries. This is a gem of a place and apparently fast becoming New Zealand’s top tourist spot. Started by a disillusioned school science teacher in the 70s, he made pots and other art, and he built single handedly a lovely narrow gauge railway which has grown to the extent that it takes an hour for the round trip to the top and back, through stunning scenery and equally stunning civil engineering feats. Thoroughly recommended, and there is the town of Coromandel just down the road with its many eateries, ours was the Pepper Tree.

Our billet tonight is a horrid little motel and backpackers (all that was left) in Whitianga, a bit like Ryanair or Jetstar without the luxuries; no wi-fi connection and NOT EVEN A BOTTLE OPENER for God’s sake.

I will send this courtesy of the Whitianga Library free wi-fi service.

2 responses to “Post 33 – Whitianga

  1. What, no bottle opener and no free wifi? That sounds a bit down market for two brits on holiday. I’m sure the railway more than made up for it.

    Lucy has started climbing on Jim when she wants her evening meal, just to make sure he’s not asleep or in a drunken stupor, and has learnt to raise her paw when she wants a biscuit. She really is a very clever dog, but she hasn’t go the hang of jumping on the bed yet, still there’s a few days to go yet ; )

  2. We see the sign says “Open All Day” by the table you are sat at! The views
    posted here certainly make it possible for you to stay there a while!

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