Post 32 – Thames

The time had come to leave poor Fiona to her own devices after putting up with visitors over the weekend. The drive to Thames on the Coromandel Peninsula with improving weather was uneventful once we had got back onto the right road – I swear I saw a sign to Queenstown at one stage!

The river Thames here is about 15 metres across and Thames the place is a very touristy but neat and tidy town with a hugely long straight main street with excellent shopping. The motel looks a bit like a Swiss lodge complex against the background of a steep wooded hillside.

The beach is just across the main Pacific Highway (not at all busy!) and a lovely sunset made the warm still evening special.

2 responses to “Post 32 – Thames

  1. Lovely photos – very impressive looking motel. Did you see on the TV news that the schooner we saw on the Waitemata Harbour was part of a number that are 100 years old and were out to celebrate Anniversary weekend.

  2. The car reminds me of “Connie” in Nigeria – except she was brown, of course!
    The red wine looks very palatable!

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