Post 31 – Auckland

We went for a quite energetic walk this morning alongside Mangemangeroa Inlet, part of Auckland Waitemata Harbour. The route taken was about 6 kilometres and was quite hilly through dense woodland and some board walk over mangrove swamp. A light lunch followed at Shamrock Cottage, near Fiona’s house.

After a mending and fixing session, mainly involving Fiona’s outside security lights by yours truly, we took a startled Chloe the dog for another walk round Musick Point to see if there were any yachts assembling for tomorrow’s Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta, an annual event involving thousands of yachts from around Auckland Harbour, quite a sight by all accounts, though probably suffering today from a stiff breeze blowing across the water. A consolation ice cream was deemed necessary.   Dinner at home this evening.

2 responses to “Post 31 – Auckland

  1. The ship looks like a painting – you are soooo clever and the photo of Ann is wonderful. Perhaps you could start a new career – a male Annie Lieb… sorry can’t spell her name, but you will know who I mean.

  2. More stunning scenery! The radio station building looks similar to some of the older building at Sandbanks doesn’t it.
    Lucy is pleased you are keeping up the walking as she is looking forward to walks with you both when you return.
    We had a sprinkling of snow this morning which she wasn’t all that keen to walk on.

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