Post 30 – Waipu to Auckland

We left Waipu on a cool breezy day and stopped at Waipu Cove for breakfast (very good). Onward then on the scenic drive with thousands of Crocosmia (orange) and Agapanthus ( blue or white) flowers along the roadside. It looked as if half of Auckland was driving north (the other direction fortunately) and traffic was nose to tail for mile after mile because of the long Auckland Day weekend and bursts of heavy ‘bank holiday weekend rain’ – yes, it happens here too!

We arrived at about mid-day and the afternoon was spent preparing for the evening when Fiona had invited old friends (well not old really but you know what I mean!) Erica and Nigel to share a meal with us. The BBQ was fired up and Nigel cooked some lovely lamb steaks and they went down well with the supporting vegetables and salad provided by the ladies.

2 responses to “Post 30 – Waipu to Auckland

  1. Another great picture with Fiona etc. The sunlight seems so much brighter than
    here, even indoors! I see why the families on the Nicky Chapman (morning TV!)
    programme nearly always seem to vote for going to NZ or OZ!

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