Post 21 – Canberra day 3

Phil took us on a quick practice drive to the airport so that we could make a quick getaway on Saturday morning and on the way back we went to Bags to Go to get a bigger case – very pleased with the new case which is ideal.

Lanyon heritage homestead was next on the agenda. It is a on the outskirts of Canberra but when it was first built it was out in the middle of nowhere, close to the Murrumbidgee river. At that time it was in NSW and on the extreme edge of surveyed land from Sydney. Different occupiers over the years have left their mark but the house and outbuildings have been restored to the state they were in when originally occupied. It was a very peaceful place in a lovely location.

After lunch at the homestead, we went to the Canberra Botanical Gardens – lots of stern warnings about snakes but we were, after all, experienced with snakes now and their presence was treated with some disdain! I am not sure that this attitude would have been maintained should a snake have been seen.

On the way ‘hime’ we went to the posh suburb of Red Hill to the lookout which gives a good view over Canberra.

Phil is currently burning some more meat on the BBQ for our dinner ( It’s OK Phil, only joking) while watching the Eastern Rosella parrots feeding in the garden.

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