Post 15 – Bundaberg (Bundy to her friends)

After a 5 hour drive we arrived in Bundaberg, completely missing heavy rain in the northern parts of Queensland today which seem to be following us down, and also not experiencing the record breaking cold weather in the south east corner (a tropical cyclone in Western Australia seems a continent away). It seems however that rain might be waiting for us in Maroochydore tomorrow.

Bunderberg however is our location tonight and a walk round the city centre reveals a neat, leafy, busy town with lots of the traditional architecture associated with 19th century prosperity.

Just over the road is an Italian restaurant which provided this evening’s meal finished off with an espresso, but it was agreed that a short black as per the menu was the equivalent, accompanied (Mark – see comments) by a Bundaberg rum – a combination I can recommend!

The following is a selection of views of the city.

2 responses to “Post 15 – Bundaberg (Bundy to her friends)

  1. I hope the rain isn’t awaiting you in Maroochydore on Saturday. It looks so lovely in all that sunshine.There aren’t many people in Bundaberg unless you poms have scared them away!
    Do please say hello to Don for us, and have a great time catching up, and having a few beers we suspect. x S&J

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