Post 13 – Eungella

Post 13 – lucky for some….!!

After a little early morning rain (the first we have had since coming to Australia) the humidity has increased and according to wilting locals, made it the hottest day they can remember up here. I don’t know the altitude here but it is normally cooler than this (currently about 35 degrees).

It was supposed to be a day for a long walk but after considering the temperature and lack of correct footware it was felt that a more sedate 3 km walk through the forest might be in order. There are several short walks which were done consecutively to make a longer total. The forest is very dense, tropical and loud and at almost every step something scuttles away into the leaf litter alongside. On one of these occasions there was what I thought was a large lizard disappearing off the path but it made a lot of loud rustling and suddenly shot across the path 6 inches in front of my sandaled feet into the litter on the other side. It was a large snake, about 3-4 feet long, slate grey in colour and when we talked to a ranger later he said it was almost certainly a Coastal Taipan which are renowned for being perhaps Australia’s most venomous snake and third most poisonous in the world!! Perhaps the longer walk would have been better after all.

Back to the cabin for a soothing drink and housekeeping. Tonight the plan is to go and see the platypuses but …yawn!… who hasn’t seen one of them?. Later …. More platypuses were seen but the session was terminated when a big thunderstorm arrived!

2 responses to “Post 13 – Eungella

  1. I had to warn Jim before I let him read this blog, you know how he is with snakes! He said he wouldn’t like that, but I don’t suppose you did either! What a near thing.
    We are glad to see you relaxing and getting a healthy tan, are you wearing that hat? Remember slip slap slop : )
    We look forward each day to read about your latest adventures.
    BTW we received the post card and showed it to Lucy who wagged her tail when she sniffed it, ah. XX

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