Blog 12 – The Drive to Eungella National Park

‘… know how demanding visitors can be!’ (anon)

Today we said goodbye to the Jensens but not before taking a picture of their first hens egg from the three birds that they have in the garden. It is perhaps a bit small but it is perfectly formed – early days yet, plenty of time for them to get bigger.
It is always sad saying goodbye and we shall always be grateful for their hospitality over the last few days (and thank you Anna for giving up your bed for us – it was very comfy).

The journey from Townsville was uneventful (but the road house where we stopped for lunch at Guthalungra did the finest ham and egg sandwiches I have ever tasted) and we arrived 6 hours later tired and hungry so the plan now is to have dinner on site and chill out with a few drinks on the deck accompanied by cicadas and birds.

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