Post 10 – Townsville (Paluma) 2

This morning Geoff and I decided to get rid of our stiffness from yesterday by going for a bush walk which invloved a trek to the edge of the plateau and a climb down a rocky path to a creek and waterfall in an idylic place full of birdsong and water – the sound of the insects was quite overwhelming. We loitered there for about an hour and then headed back, scrambling up the path to the plateau and back to the village through well worn forest paths.

After lunch on the deck we packed up and left, winding our way down the hill and away from Paluma, leaving the relative coolness behind (Paluma is almost 3000 feet above sea level) to once again reach sea level and the humid heat which is summer in Townsville.

The evening was spent at a BBQ with Judith’s and Geoff’s relatives.

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