Post 9 – Townsville (Paluma)

Judith and Geoff had arranged for us all to stay overnight at a cabin owned by a friend, in Paluma, high in the rain forest above Rollingstone, north of Townsville. To get there means a loooong drive up a very narrow winding road, the surroundings becoming more and more dense and eventually thick forest. It is a lovely area and the house is part of a small settlement in an important protected environment.

There are walks through the forest to the sound of constant bird song and piercingly loud rasping ringing of the cicadas but all around is debris from damage caused by cyclone Yasi of 2011. Many of the trees are damaged but there is a great deal of growth in the understory as new trees appear. Judith an Geoff took us on a couple of bush walks after lunch at the pub.

2 responses to “Post 9 – Townsville (Paluma)

  1. That sounds idyllic! I love the description MIke and glad you managed to get a trip to a pub in too.
    Lucy is feeling very much at home now and has us nicely trained. She is just off for a walk with Jim and she has learnt the route very quickly.
    We are very much enjoying your blog.

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